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Trump's Bronx Golf Course Is a Giant Taxpayer Money Pit

Thursday, July 03, 2014  /   20 Comments

Before he was popular for anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, Donald Trump was famous for, to name a few things, celebrating about his business acumen while running companies into the ground. When it pertains to the demagogic presidential prospect's Trump Golf Links golf course in the Bronx, it's uncertain just how much money he's really making. What does seem relatively evident is that New York City taxpayers are getting screwed.

The group NYC Park Advocates obtained financial reports relating to Trump Links, showing that the course, the most pricey city-funded golf center in the country at around $200 million, generated more than $8 million in its very first year, none of which is returning into city coffers.

Golf is big business in America, with a total economy approximated at almost 70 billion dollars.

Take a Glimpse into the World of Women's Beauty Rituals

Saturday, April 19, 2014  /  Golf /  7 Comments


 The U.S. is also the world s greatest market for golf equipment, according to a report from Golf Datatech. The other top nations are Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada and China. However the industry is working on methods making golf more appealing, particularly to young Americans.

The CEO of the U.S.-based World Golf Foundation, Steve Mona, informed VOA he thinks the current state of golf is healthy and steady. His group states about 20 million Americans frequently play the online game.

How an Artist Who Didn't Golf Became the Painter for the U.S. Open Posters

Thursday , June 08, 2016 /

Lee Wybranski developed his own specific niche in the golf world, and it's one that will be extremely visible throughout U.S. Open week.

Wybranski, an expert artist since 1992, painted the official tournament poster for golf s U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club as he has for years and is the imaginative mind behind the logo design found on tens of countless pieces of officially-licensed product. Wybranski's company has designed 11 of the previous 13 U.S. Open logo designs for the USGA. .